Jerry Hall Exonerated over Numerous False Accusation by Don Winner

Okke Ornstein Investigative Reporter in Panama

Okke Ornstein

Scam pimp Don Winner in grand theft GPS maps

NOW what do we read in our beloved Panama Guide™ webzine? Another one of Don Winner’s good friends bites the dust! On the run for the law. Fleeing charges of copyright violations and theft and whatnot in Panama and the US.

What happened? Well, we’re not really sure, but it appears there was this company that provided GPS map services in Panama, and it was owned by Republican congressional candidate Jerry Hall and some guy called Steve Magaric did most of the work. And then, according to what we read, Magaric thought, “F..k Hall”, and started to scheme to just keep all the money for himself.

Don Winner in this ploy served to create smoke screens by keeping Hall busy with all kinds of weird attacks on his person, while Magaric managed to obfuscate $150k from the company’s coffers.

And then all was discovered by Hall when Magaric suddenly left and moved to Australia, taking all the maps and software with him which aren’t his! So, criminal complaints and charges.

Did scam pimp Don Winner profit? We don’t know for sure, but we must assume he did. Why? Because of his track record, which includes:

  • – Sides with Tom McMurrain in ongoing scandal about San Cristobal noni and teak scam, until McMurrain is finally arrested, extradited and thrown in the slammer;
  • – With McMurrain gone, Winner then starts pumping the “accountancy services” of one Thomas Rowley, the former “bookkeeper” of the San Cristobal scam who, according to documents of the Public Ministry, was also wanted by Interpol in relation to some kind of European subsidy fraud;
  • PromotesTemplar Panama”, a real esate firm of Gonzalo de la Guardia which took investments for a condo tower they never built and which sold land next to resorts and marinas of Carlos Slim and Mel Gibson that didn’t exist. Another principal of this outfit was Kevin Bradley, a friend of Winner who was instrumental in shaking down a Canadian retiree for a couple of million together with HSBC Panama. Templar employs one Martin Roy Lamb as its sales director, a convicted high yield investment swindler from Canada and notorious coke junk, and Winner tries to suppress exposure of Lamb on behalf of the Templar hustlers. Lamb, de la Guardia et al eventually resort to hacking this website to stop them from being exposed as a bunch of crooks. Then Templar itself collapses without a trace (of clients paid deposits);
  • – Promotes a project called “Canal Valley” which purports to be a resort community inside the Canal watershed — where no such communities are allowed to be built. Principals are a bunch of convicted stock swindlers from Canada who haven’t paid the land and the broker. Winner vows to prove that the project will be allowed by the Canal Authority, and then hopelessly fails to do so. Despite Winner’s support, project goes belly-up and we receive many emails from victims who lost their money.
  • – Promotes a shady former extremist militia guy who goes by the name of “Rex Freeman” but whose real name is Marc Boswell and who runs financial frauds. As in, fake “investment clubs” and scammy forex things and online gambling scams. So Winner makes him financial columnist of Panama Guide, and defends him vehemently against ongoing revelations involving lots of stolen money, money laundering, fake cheques, arrests and prison. Cheered on by Don Winner, Boswell starts criminal defamation case against Eric Jackson of The Panama News and loses spectacularly after a Costa Rican arrest warrant for him is published on the front page of La Estrella.
  • – Starts defending Mary K. Sloane, a former Canadian lawyer who was disbarred for stealing client money and then came to Panama to steal some more by posing as a consultant and expat community leader. Sloane takes off again when too many people want their money back and was last seen running an MLM scheme featuring sanitary napkins (no joke!) from somewhere in the far east.
  • – Outs an anonymous source in a porn scandal that La Estrella wrote about, in which one of Winner’s friends is accused of producing child pornography. Claims that revealing the source’s identity somehow absolves his friend of everything.
  • – Promotes the Panamanian “businesses” of Monte Friesner, a Canadian psychopath and serial fraud artist with a criminal record from here to Tokyo which includes advance fee fraud, theft, money laundering, arson, assault, and so on. Serves as a publicist for Friesner and his accomplice Tatiana Nazarova running a never-ending series of bizarre nonsense stories;
  • – Takes a PR gig for Marcos Shrem, who sold arms to a Colombian right-wing terrorist group called the AUC, known for massacring women and children and cutting them up with chainsaws when they’re still alive. While his clients were busy butchering kids, Shrem laundered the proceeds of these sales through a series of questionable real estate schemes, we’re told. One of these schemes was a beachfront development in Gorgona where investors lost all their money — Don Winner’s job being to endlessly repeat that there’s nothing to worry about and all will be well, which it will not, but he doesn’t care as long as he’s being paid with the blood money of Colombian terrorists.

See a pattern here? Yes, so do we. So what do YOU think we should believe about this Magaric story?


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