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Money Launder and Con Man in Panama

DEA Invite by Ambassador for work Jerry and Art did to protect Americans

Jerry while living in Panama had found out that there were many people working to defraud new arrivals in Panama. The prime candidate to all these known scammers were Don Winner and Clyde Jenkins. Each of these men worked in consortium to defame anyone who brought to the attention of the new arrivals that Don Winner and Clyde Jenkins where nothing more than common crooks utilizing the internet and a blog to do so.

Jerry Hall became that target, as a former Constable Adviser and volunteer police officer and who had worked with the US Department of Justice Jerry made it known to all new arrivals of Don’s and Clyde’s scams which included money laundering, land scams, tax scams, anything that would deprive the new arrivals of their money.

Hence the immediate attacks, Jerry disrupted the Land Scams of San Critobol in Bocas del Toro, operated by Tom McMurrain, subsequently sent to prison in the USA courtesy of the US Government for 5 years thanks to Jerry and his connection with the US Department of Justice and DEA. Next was Eddie Kahn a know tax scammer also working with Don Winner and Clyde Jenkins, holding Tax seminars on how to cheat the US Government out of their taxes. Jerry brought to light that as a US citizen you can not avoid paying taxes. Jerry worked to bring Eddie Kahn down,  Eddie had consulted with Wesley Snipes who was sentenced to 5 years in a Federal Penitentiary, Eddie Kahn received 10 years. Jerry also brought to light that Clyde Jenkins was a pedophile and was harming children in the community, Clyde had been prosecuted in the USA and ran to Panama to hide but continued attacking children. Clyde was chased out of Panama and left and went to Colombia where he later died. Don Winner was money laundering for the AUC a Colombian terrorist group who were Killing children cutting off their heads with Chain saws while they were alive. I had to do something so I stood up and the results where vicious untruth attacks on me.

This had a huge impact on Don Winner’s income as he was getting kick backs on both of these scams, which was just two of the many scams.

Don Winners real money maker was to write untruths about new arrivals that were smart enough not to fall for his scams, discrediting them on his web site then demanding $5,000 and up to remove the false statements.

There are so many complaints about Don Winner and his reputation as a common crook. Thanks to the friends of Jerry Hall who helped the truth come out and the show that the false accusations where nothing more than that FALSE – FAKE NEWS.

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